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Mike Rockandel

My 40+ year career has afforded me the opportunity and privilege to work in many industries, including, for example, chemical, industrial minerals, mineral processing, hydro and pyro-metallurgy. Over the span of my career, I have learned that all process related projects beign with the material/energy balance. Whether simulating a new or existing 900 stream, 300 components smelter/refinery/ precious metal recovery complex or a flotation circuit, the importance of the simulation cannot be understated.

Throughout my career, I have developed process simulations, designed and directed process and in-plant testing, developed key engineering documents and drawings, managed engineering design and followed the design into commissioning, start-up and continuous operation. Designing a new facility often entails an engineering study with numerous options and trade-offs. I can help the client reduce engineering study costs by stream-lining the project concept before awarding engineering or alternatively, supporting the owner’s or engineers team. As an SME Qualified Person, I have been involved in 43-101, SK-1300 and Due Diligence Studies. Recently the DD’s have included: Copper flotation, Salt, Gold/Silver, Soda ash, and Potash.

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