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Mike Rockandel

My 40+ year career has afforded me the opportunity and privilege to work in many industries, including, for example, chemical, industrial minerals, mineral processing, hydro and pyro-metallurgy. Over the span of my career, I have learned that it all starts with the material/energy balance. Whether simulating a new or existing 900 stream, 300 components smelter/refinery/ precious metal recovery complex or a flotation circuit, the importance of the simulation cannot be understated.

At the conceptual stage, the simulation may be quite simple. It may identify opportunities or fatal flaws, but inevitably it will identify information gaps that likely will require laboratory and possibly pilot testing, or even a complete “re-think” of the project. As knowledge increases, the simulation matures and becomes more complex. The key parameters, such as recovery, operating conditions, de-watering requirements, the need for recycle, losses, emissions, utility requirements, etc., may initially have been assumed in constructing the model but must eventually be verified or accepted as risks. The process balance must continually adapt to the client’s needs and to the incoming engineering and vendor data.

Throughout my career, I have developed process simulations, designed and directed process and in-plant testing, developed key engineering documents and drawings, managed engineering design and followed the design into commissioning, start-up and continuous operation. I can help the client reduce engineering study costs by stream-lining the project concept before awarding engineering or alternatively, supporting the owner’s or engineers team.

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